This story is teenxxx a follow Mary and I developed our passions, after our first social nude meeting had with our old friends, which began in the joys of exhibitionism and voyeurism, and the party after our first nudist beach in France. There was no doubt that walking naked and lying on the beach our increased libido. The first holiday led us to recognize that even the liberal nudist beaches on the west coast of France, there were areas for different interests: the family in that respect bare, social and personal space is the key to a very social and enjoyable day out, was not the dunes of couples and some single guys, where body language suggests that proximity was attended by invitation only, Farer and then further from the input path or area singles gay groups. The first year I never dared to move away from the family, except when we went for a bare foot, I wanted to be the only consolationPosition naked. When Mary returned to camp and I often shower together and have sex regularly get into the shower, she was always wet and warm on the beach. In the shower together, I have an erection when they return to bush and usually at the end of my cock sliding puppy rampant near the cabins. Once we have done, which went on board to fight me face to face Mary hairless pussy juicy against the wall of the shower. It made so much noise after it came to a head, and left me still strong, and when we left, and dried, you should know a lot of smiles from the showers in the queue. I know it was not uncommon for couples to share a shower, but not many people make that kind of noise, there is still a man trying to cover up the tent in his shorts. We had lots of sex, vacation, permanently hot and grabbed my cock Mary at every opportunity, I know it was a topic of conversation among our other friends in the camp, as he orn this occasion, we are back to our caravan pulled the blinds and the door closed and rounded with a long of 69 teenxxx sessions, until I emptied my sexual frustration by beautiful soft neck of Mary. During the autumn and early winter even back to visit Mary and I started to bring more adventures and exciting sexual lifestyle feel comfortable we feel. This means weekends out one or two coats of command and stop on the way home from a bar somewhere quiet country and enjoy everything from a sensual mutual straw, fuck completely crazy in the car or outdoors on a blanket. Some weekends were in Studland beach in Dorset, where we could in the United Kingdom became naked. Let some of the home visits in which Mary would be as hot as on our vacation. She started to make comments with other guys on the beach, on the duration or extent of the cock, they say, other women and ask me if I believed that a woman teenxxx or, if I mayd is the hair teenxxx of women 's pubic hair. This was the main fascination of Mary with nude beaches and often for good sex at home or even a stop in a parking space on the way home for a quick bj. Who was I to deny how often I could get my fingers on her clit a massage and there is always something that smells along while driving. However, it could be a distraction, if Mary was hot and had to remove her shorts and a fridge as I was teenxxx driving her pussy. We sat Gream and Jayne, where Mary to share every detail with them and they would visit some of his latest adventures, which remind us, in one or two bottles of wine. teenxxx Our friendship with them was such that when the night was over and it was time to go home or go to bed every kiss us goodnight. These were much more than a kiss on the cheek as Jayne would put his right hand was massaging my cock and usually semi -hard, whereas I was one of teenxxx her big breasts and kiss attack would cup his tight ass as teenxxx lingeringly with an action of the tongue well. Meanwhile, Mary often put her arms teenxxx around his neck and tongue as Graeme Le took his ass cheeks with both hands. Mary and I always had a great session in bed after starting as a rule of me, grabbed her and licked her soft pussy for starters. As Graeme and teenxxx Jayne about or have we been in them, always entitled to some serious fucking, we always hear how they could do it. This increased the pleasure of Mary and I, our favorite while sucking each other intimately, often developed in a 30 minute 69, as we have the following action in the bedroom heard before walking. Led by then we shit one way or teenxxx another, and I realized that Mary never contained, as was evident he wanted Jayne know they have it. This prompted me to more. Sometimes we passed this morning about how good it was before us in the night. I think Graeme and Jayne liked our meetings, and that encouragedm up to something, taking into account their age and normal social circles, but in reality were the dark horses. I bet his friends in the church never imagined how it could be slippery. on a tour of Jayne said she had a sore ass and then took Mary to show her only as good as both Graeme laugh while I was cooking the barbecue and told me that I had not heard teenxxx of it. I waited for the return of Mary and told me to hear how she was totally laughing too. Graeme and Jayne Now it was clear that Mary and I had a preference for a minimum of body hair developed at this time Mary and I shaved all my pubic bone had begun to trim a little wild, so my blonde hair was barely perceptible, Mary favored us so much so, and I must say I prefer this way. Jayne seems to want to shave your pussy like Maria and Graeme decided it would. From what I had with the processing of the scissors for the first time as the more surprising that Bush neverfor all redheads. He had begun the cut, but the anticipation was too much, and felt the need to bring his new wife after her sexy short haircut, which, after all, because a very good performance. Jayne wanted to think it was good for your sex life more and get a close shave and Graeme, established after regaining his composure, Jayne with their best shaving razors and shaving cream. It seems that, because maybe not the best team of hairdressers, or the fact that the need to masturbate Jayne after the felt is delighted with his new, sleek, or the fact that Graeme have it again this evening there was ( it was a surprise to Jayne ) or do not have the right to social reintegration of a freshly shaven pussy, who knows, but Jayne had a mother of a rash. Mary and I always remember it and consider it as a lesson if you want to cut and shave favorite parts of our body, preparation and follow up with some good United Nations - perfumed gels and save a lot of dust can decide abstinence in the bedroom. I think it's fair to say that Mary and I were much more sexually aroused after the first year or so, through the direction of our age, but perhaps not enough to intervene were friends. In the spring of next year, our friends were eager to know where to go on vacation, when we do not nude beaches, or if we are always involved in some sexual adventures. We had to say, maybe we would go naked, but not specifically looking for adventure on teenxxx the beach, as they were not in Spain and France this year. Unfortunately, it took some time before we know them, but were in sight of the hind legs of injustice which in fact find adventure in Spain and elsewhere this summer
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